Production Gets Digital

If you’re involved in design or production in any capacity your process has been greatly impacted by Covid-19 and restricted travel.

The Pain:

I can’t travel to source material and meet my manufacturers!


To increase transparency and allow for more effective collaboration in these covid-restricted times; established PLM companies such as Bamboo Rose have increased their digitization-  check out their work rooms and showrooms to see how the interface is driven by tech.

Material sourcing marketplaces and subscriptions at Material Exchange and Swatchbook are leaders in digital raw material sourcing. Swatchbook is particularly favored by the footwear industry and for a review of their platform, read here:

Join in:

Retailers such as Steve Madden Global Brands Group, American Eagle Outfitters as well as other designers, merchants and stakeholders in the production ecosystem have reverted to a cloud-based design process.

Supply chain management and sourcing has accelerated and pulled-forward digitization and retail tech adoption by many years.

For Video: Click Here


Published by Christine Russo, RCCA

Christine Russo is a Top 100 Retail Influencer and a respected resource for data and technology applications to grow your retail revenue.

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