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Call Me By My Name

Effectively Harness Customer Feedback Technology to Drives Sales. Ever wonder if your customer programs are working? If you said yes, then you join the best and brightest because understanding customer data trends is an obsession with the best and brightest in retail. However, do you know if your data is clean? 4 reasons why typicalContinue reading “Call Me By My Name”

Journey WHAT-ing?

Journey HIJACK-ing You are probably like me and know nothing about Journey Hijacking and yet it’s a big deal directly affecting conversion. I Got You Retailers….read on.  Everyone else…read on as well because I need the clicks. Here is what I learned about Journey Hijacking: It’s Malware and is referred to as Malvertising because whoContinue reading “Journey WHAT-ing?”

Can I Have Your Digits

Go To Where the Customer Is. That’s what they said. Did you? Hope So. If you haven’t yet…..let me lay it out for you. You’re going to leave no stone unturned to connect with your clients… be it…carrier pigeon, landline, email, and of course, text. TEXTING has become a robust part of omnichannel retail. IfContinue reading “Can I Have Your Digits”

Nail That Meeting

Connecting with Retail Executives is complex and elusive. Tech companies are often too deep in the weeds of their technology to effectively sell their product. That’s where I help. I have years of experience, both in-house and as a consultant, acting as a “translator” for technology companies. I help tech companies nail meetings and getContinue reading “Nail That Meeting”


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Hi, I’m Christine; most people call me by my last name, Russo. I run a wholesale sales company, an inventory management and forecast planning consulting firm and am a tech expert in retail digitization strategy.

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