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Republished from Rethink Retail

A superior in-store shopping experience involves great customer service from a sales team with excellent product knowledge who make appropriate recommendations and know what would be perfect for you. Behind the scenes, there are teams creating training programs, building, and monitoring KPIs, and setting clienteling and operational programs and standards. In e-commerce, tech tools, suchContinue reading “Republished from Rethink Retail”

Alternative Digital Commerce

Today, shoppers are seeking non-traditional shopping channels. Digital retail can take shape in different forms. This is to emphasize that digital retail does not solely mean a website.  In fact, many shoppers plan to shop digitally without engaging in a website at all. According to a report by Brightpearl via Retail Dive 68% of Gen ZContinue reading “Alternative Digital Commerce”

Call Me By My Name

Effectively Harness Customer Feedback Technology to Drives Sales. Ever wonder if your customer programs are working? If you said yes, then you join the best and brightest because understanding customer data trends is an obsession with the best and brightest in retail. However, do you know if your data is clean? 4 reasons why typicalContinue reading “Call Me By My Name”


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Hi, I’m Christine; most people call me by my last name, Russo. I run a wholesale sales company, an inventory management and forecast planning consulting firm and am a tech expert in retail digitization strategy.

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