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Christine Russo

I provide clarity to retailers to solve major pain points by introducing retail tech solutions . 

For technology platforms and solution providers, I am your connection to the retail community.

Check out my authentic reports and interviews with incredible technology platform service providers for real talk about solutions…. affordable, manageable solutions that make a big difference to the bottom line.

RCCA works with brands and retailers from enterprise through independent.

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Products and Services

  • Own Brick and Mortar: work with me to modernize using Retail Tech and Digitization. Click HERE .
  • Own a Website: Work with me to Generate Profits. Click HERE.
  • Large Tech Solution Companies, Confidentially Go HERE.
  • Tech Startups, join My Mentor Program, Go Here.

What Makes Me Qualified?

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Retailers: Sales, Creative, Strategic, Ecomm, Social Selling, Branding, Design, Digital Marketing, Sourcing, Wholesale Sales, Financial Planning, OTB, Inventory Management, Tech, Activations, Interior Design, Merchandising

Technology Companies: Strategy, Founder interviews and Partnerships

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