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Retail Technology B2B communications consultancy, sales and marketing agency.

Need help getting the word out or Going To Market? We can discuss adding to your marketing with content contribution, guest editorials, partnerships, advisory, linked in content.

Need help navigating the US retail market? We can discuss strategy, technique, do’s and don’ts and meeting prep.

Through my invite-only Executive Interviews and Roundtables and What Just Happened Podcast; CEO’s, Founders and Executives are able to provide clarity around their solutions to help retailers solve their major pain points.

I make sense of their ground-breaking service to businesses that do not understand their language including:

C-suite Executives, Boardrooms, Advisory boards, Brands and more.

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For technology platforms and solution providers, I am your connection to the retail community. If you want to optimize your message, work with me.

Check out my authentic reports and interviews with incredible technology platform service providers for real talk about solutions – affordable, manageable solutions that make a big difference to the bottom line.

RCCA works with Technology Companies Globally.

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My interviews highlight solutions from around the globe. Telling your story increases awareness and lead generation. Brands and retailers that want a competitive advantage are looking to identify innovative companies.

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