The Metaverse is a Brand’s “Betterverse”

Reprinted from Marketscale Justin Hochberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtual Brand Group, sums up his company’s mission in one easy sentence, “We put you in the Metaverse.” Hochberg joined Christine Russo to explain how Virtual Brand Group harnesses the power of web 3.0 for I.P. by creating consumer experiences to socialize, shop, make friends, and develop products inContinue reading “The Metaverse is a Brand’s “Betterverse””

The Future of e-commerce Platforms in the Gaming Ecosystem

Republished from Marketscale The function of e-commerce has been a vital source of selling on online platforms for decades now. The nature of the large scale selling component allows various types of companies to reach and sell to their customers. In the gaming ecosystem, not only has that been the norm, but its future isContinue reading “The Future of e-commerce Platforms in the Gaming Ecosystem”

Republished from Rethink Retail

Image Courtesy of Meta The Metaverse is making consumers across the globe turn their heads and it’s not just young people. Immersive technologies are quickly becoming more versatile, convenient, and enjoyable to use in our day-to-day lives and Meta has firmly established itself as a visionary in the space. Here, I’ll explore the reasons whyContinue reading “Republished from Rethink Retail”

Republished from Rethink Retail

A superior in-store shopping experience involves great customer service from a sales team with excellent product knowledge who make appropriate recommendations and know what would be perfect for you. Behind the scenes, there are teams creating training programs, building, and monitoring KPIs, and setting clienteling and operational programs and standards. In e-commerce, tech tools, suchContinue reading “Republished from Rethink Retail”

Alternative Digital Commerce

Today, shoppers are seeking non-traditional shopping channels. Digital retail can take shape in different forms. This is to emphasize that digital retail does not solely mean a website.  In fact, many shoppers plan to shop digitally without engaging in a website at all. According to a report by Brightpearl via Retail Dive 68% of Gen ZContinue reading “Alternative Digital Commerce”

Brands and the Resale Economy, It’s Time.

Resale is huge. It has a major impact on keeping clothing out of landfills, drives new/younger clients and is big business. However, this isn’t a story about resale. It is about brands being excluded from resale revenue and, because of technology solutions , that’s over. Four of the four major resellers have listed publicly orContinue reading “Brands and the Resale Economy, It’s Time.”

Journey WHAT-ing?

Journey HIJACK-ing You are probably like me and know nothing about Journey Hijacking and yet it’s a big deal directly affecting conversion. I Got You Retailers….read on.  Everyone else…read on as well because I need the clicks. Here is what I learned about Journey Hijacking: It’s Malware and is referred to as Malvertising because whoContinue reading “Journey WHAT-ing?”