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Christine Russo


Hi, I’m Christine, most people call me Russo. I own and operate the Retail Creative and Consulting Agency.

Christine is a graduate of Cornell University, has made her way to retail by way of Deloitte and worked for brands like alice+ olivia and J. Crew. She has serves as a mentor and strategist for companies such as Chief Strategy Officer of The Robin Report, mentor for NY Fashion Tech Lab and Graduate School Professor of Global Retail for the Fashion Institute of Technology Graduate School.  

Christine lives in NY City, has three grown daughters, 1 American Eskimo and 1 English Bulldog.  If she wasn’t relentlessly pursing retail tech and grow strategies; she’d be a very average stand-up comedian.

What makes me qualified…here is my journey to helping you……

Email me: christine@rccagency.com

What People Say

I met Christine when I had made the decision to try to turn my store around after a 4 year slide.  Christine was not only the inspiration and motivation that I needed to do this but she was also one of the most caring consultants  I have ever met (and I was a marketing research consultant for 30 years and have worked with a lot of consultants over my years!). 

Christine embraced the geographic issues characteristic of a beach town on a barrier island, she worked hard to understand how the area affected my business and she researched different ways to help propel me into the next phase of retailing and help pull my business out of this decline.  Christine researched geofencing, POS vendors, social selling, new product vendors, to name a few.  And, she not only researched them….she learned the in’s and out’s of them – hands on – not just reading about them!!! 

Is it possible to have one person perform duties that capture those of a company’s COO, CFO, Market Researching Director, CMO?   Well, Christine operates in all of these areas.

And, most importantly, Christine became a true friend who I quickly realized was there for me professionally and personally…..her dedication, expertise and incredibly high level of support was the confidence booster I needed to begin this journey into the next phase of The Good Life……thank you Christine, from the very bottom of my heart!!  I am so very grateful for you….always!  You are THE BEST!!!! – Nancy Norton, Owner, The Good Life Boutique

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