Assisted Remote Clienteling

With retail and mall stocks soaring today due to the news of a vaccine;
the sector is still expected to lag as is traffic and foot fall within four-wall retail.
Static techniques on e-comm sites such as thumbnail photographs have proven to not be compelling enough to prompt a purchase. Foot traffic is expected to continue to go down. Human remote clienteling bridges the gap between your Ecommerce site
and your in-store clienteling. Retailers like Bloomingdale’s
and Saks are using technology providers such as salesfloor (
With the need for retailers to go TO the customer; using virtual remote selling helps guide them as they navigate what would normally be in-store and what is an impersonal online e-comm channel experience.

Published by Christine Russo, RCCA

Christine Russo is a Top 100 Retail Influencer and a respected resource for data and technology applications to grow your retail revenue.

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