Retail Tech Must Haves

Confused? I Don’t Blame you.

Let me make sense of this avalanche of options for you.

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Cohesive Omnichannel: Valtech*

Modify Photos at Scale:  Pixelz*

Ecomm Copy Writing at Scale with AI:  Talkoot

Have The Right Product at The Right Time: Inventory Planner, Management One, Relex

Email Segmentation Marketing: Omnisend* Klavio*

Personalize Ecomm: Limespot*, Advanced Commerce

Found on Google Reach consumers with local inventory placements that help nearby shoppers know what you have in stock, driving more sales to your physical store.: Near St, Next Door, Google for Retail

Actively Prevent Returns: Newmine


Payment Options: Sezzle, Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, Amazon Pay, Paypal, Sensepass

Pre-Launch Marketing and Pricing: Purple Dot

Clienteling: LivePerson, OneShop, Endear, Five9

Client Feedback: TruRating

Upsell: Givz*, Greenlist, Rebuy

Accurately Staff : Axonify, Relex, Storforce

Post Purchase

Fast and Flawless Delivery using strategically place Local Fulfillment Centers: Nanofulfillment*, Attabotics*, Ohi, Bond, Shipsi, Hotwax*, Deliverr*, Bringg*, GoPuff

Immaculate Returns: Loop Returns, Returnly, Happy Returns, Optoro

*Shopify “Best Of”

All other solutions have either scalable or tiered programs for retailers of all sizes.



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