Retail Tech Must Haves

Confused? I Don’t Blame you.

Let me make sense of this avalanche of options for you.

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Sustainability Solutions: Olive, Reflaunt, Save Your Wardrobe, Treet,

Metaverse and G-Comm: Virtual Brand Group, Liquid Avatar Technologies, ByondXR, Sayollo

B2B Sales Tools: Storeleads

Product Pedictability: First Insight

Personalization:, Limespot, Selecticka, Advanced Commerce, Findmine

Returns: Greenlist, Otailo, Newmine

Cohesive Omnichannel: Valtech Carat

Asset Management at Scale:  Pixelz, Talkoot, Bynder

Have The Right Product at The Right Time: Inventory Planner, Management One, Relex

Pre-Launch Marketing and Pricing: Purple Dot

Loyalty: Loyal Guru

Digital Wallet: Sensepass

Walk-Out Technology: Aifi,

Client Feedback: TruRating

Self Service CX: Vonicity

Upsell/Remarketing: Rebuy

Workplace Management : Axonify, Relex, Storeforce


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