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Greenlist is on a mission to change this trajectory by enabling peer-to-peer returns. We cut out the “middleman” (trip back to the warehouse) and send returns directly from one customer to another. I was struggling with my sales approach and, during one of our meetings, Christine laid out a fantastic plan for a high stakes call I had that afternoon. It worked beautifully – it was authentic but also strategic. The call ended with a request for an in-person meeting.  – Jess Owens, CEO and Founder Greenlist

The mission of Save Your Wardrobe is to guide you on how to make the most of your wardrobe. Save Your Wardrobe will help you reconnect with the content of your wardrobe. Ultimately, encourage you to buy less, buy better, be happier.

Advanced footfall analytics based on the data from mobile phones and accurate video sensors. By combining these two sources you can get a very accurate picture about footfall trends, overall location potential and customer profile. Christine is a standout mentor in the field of retail…I had the pleasure of participating in her Mentorship Program and recommend it to anyone trying to get a fresh, unbiased, and unfiltered (in a good way) perspective. Milan Novota, CEO and co-founder of Pygmalios

Search Sucks – with Mixomoda’s AI-based styling and editing – life (and shopping) is better. Thank you Christine for providing valuable insights about the fashion industry and opening up new perspectives on our marketing strategy. And thank you for the meaningful and informative feedback that we could act upon right away and take our product to the next level. – Nousha Navaie, Founder and CEO

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