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Excerpt From Interview in Forbes April 19, 2021

 The Numbers Are In: Stunningly Decisive Data Show Where Customers Will Spend as Vaccines Roll Out 

One of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic is poised to experience a tremendous surge in customer spending. We all know the pandemic wreaked havoc on many “experiential” businesses such as travel, hospitality, entertainment, and in-store shopping. It comes as no surprise to learn consumers are expected to voraciously engage in discretionary spending to make up for lost time. Let’s review the latest data to see where consumers will allocate their spending. 

To get the data, I turn to Christine Russo a respected resource for data, forecasting and customer sentiment by professionals in real estate, finance, retail and more. Using data from 7,500 respondents monthly from Prosper Insights & Analytics, she provides us with the forward look and the overwhelming front-running category for post-pandemic discretionary spending. Christine is Founder of the Retail Creative and Consulting Agency and is committed to impacting businesses through information. She has been quoted for the Wall Street Journal and is often tapped for her expertise in retail technology to help retailers adopt and adapt to a post-pandemic world using technology. 

Gary Drenik: It’s no secret people are ready to get out once lockdowns, quarantines, and capacity restrictions are lifted. And that there will be an exuberance of discretionary spending. What data can you share about where discretionary money will be spent and how should retailers be using this data? 

Christine Russo: Well Gary, we are finally at that big pivot point, emerging from a pandemic with different behaviors and permanent changes. In fact, …. Clear Here to see the Entire Article.

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