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Hi! I’m Christine. Dog and Human Mom. I work with store owners helping them modernize their brick and mortar – we can add easy-to-use technology to help you compete. I am excited to work with you! ❤

Where are my f*cking customers?

The days of making enough sales from customers that crossed your threshold are waaay over. Your store is but a piece of your selling offering, retailers need to go where customers are – not the reverse. It’s digital or die. Let’s talk about easy, manageable ways to connect with your clients where they live digitally.

OTB and Cash

You’ve owned your store for years: some good, some great and some more forgettable not-so-good years. Retail is unpredictable. Using OTB cash management can steady the ship because you have the power to react, preserve cash, and grow exploding categories. If you need a refresher or a coach to help you be more disciplined, I’m here for you. See my free OTB template here.

Does this describe you current situation?


Profit / No Cash

No Profit / No Cash

No Growth


I can help! How? By coaching and planning. You could also have the opportunity to use  Management One’s proven process, data and forecasting. We will drill down with you and create break-through strategies in the following areas: stock turn, markdowns, break-even, markup and more. It’s not for everyone and that’s ok because, working together, we can still grow your profit. Connect to learn more.

Thank you Christine! Your insights are all spot on and I will use them all.

Caroline Simonelli

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