Break Through

Watch the Video Sound On

What: People Paying Attention to Your Product

How: Not How You are Currently Doing it

Ok, really, How: Micro-doses of Information

That’s right. We will micro-dose together. Well, not exactly.

What is Micro-dosing: Use my proven content formula to disperse small bits of compelling, educational, informational content to prospects and current clients to Drive Happiness (did you notice this doesn’t say Sales or Revenue). Do I need to explain why Happiness with Your Product Leads to Revenue. If I do, See Me After Class.

With me as host, your new content will be more absorbed and generate more leads.

How Does it Work: Together we identify 5 Topics (it’s a 5-pack minimum). Then, I talk to you about what the most important point you want to get out. We have a bit of a run through and then record. Nothing is live. We get to edit. Why? Because I’m salty and will probably curse and my Mother won’t like that all over the world wide web.

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