Journey WHAT-ing?

Sound On

Journey HIJACK-ing

You are probably like me and know nothing about Journey Hijacking and yet it’s a big deal directly affecting conversion.

I Got You

Retailers….read on. 

Everyone else…read on as well because I need the clicks.

Here is what I learned about Journey Hijacking:

  • It’s Malware and is referred to as Malvertising because who doesn’t love a word mashup!
  • It’s also called Ad Injections, Ad Injectors, Injection Malware
  • It’s not to be confused with Retargeted Ads.
  • It’s NOT GOOD.

I wanted to dig deep into Journey Hijacking so I went to Tal Rotman, VP Global Partnerships and Alliances at Namogoo. Watch along as he patiently lays it out for me.

Let’s hear Rotman explain it….

Tal Rotman, Namogoo

In my conversation with Tsega Dinka, Vice President of Digital Product at Dollar Shave Club, I asked about Journey Hijacking. Here’s how it went:

Russo: Is this for real?  

Dinka: Yes.

Although I was fully satisfied with our expeditious dialogue, rather than end the conversation there, we did a deeper dive and Dinka told me Dollar Shave Club has been combatting Journey Highjacking well before the onset of Covid-19 working with Namogoo for 3 years and have seen a consistent rise of “first purchase incremental subscribers by 5x”.

Russo: Wow!

“We use A/B testing to clearly quantify conversion improvements and continue to maintain a small hold-out group for continual Proof of Concept” – Tsega Dinka, Vice President of Digital Product at Dollar Shave Club.

So now you know about Journey Hijacking and the business and traffic you could be losing. Go Get Those Bad Guys!

Companies that do this work are:

Namogo (featured)



Questions: contact me here

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