Got (15) Minutes?

Under one-hour, and even 15 minute delivery, is the bold promise of these ambitious tech companies. Vacant real estate has created opportunity for the creation of micro fulfillment centers. Using residential density and data, the product is located and delivered using hyper-local nano-fulfillment locations.

30 Second Recap

“What’s not instantaneous is just irrelevant.” – Asaf Hachnom, Co-founder and CEO, Bond

Proprietary technology and AI inform where to locate nanofullfillment centers and allocate product. The companies are capitalizing on available real estate with lower rents due to the pandemic-induced surplus. These spaces can take many forms, sizes and locations. Even empty storefronts, normally reserved for the highest $ per square foot rent, are being sought because of the their prime location and rent reductions. The strategy is to be as close as possible to the end consumer.

These four companies are each on a mission to use data and nanofulfillment to master ecommerce delivery.

Ohi– is a smart warehousing company, located in 5 major-city markets and expanding. In my recent conversation with Ben Jones, founder of Ohi, he explained that due to the hyper-local yet central location of his delivery centers, Ohi is achieves delivery times of under an hour. Ohi uses your customer and order data to find the optimal locations for your fulfillment centers within major population centers to optimise inventory and fulfillment across your network, reducing cost and increasing speed to your end customer.

Bond– Bond is full-service software and end-to-end solution for complex fulfillment solutions. Nano-fulfillment,  inventory and order management are integrated into your e-commerce using Bond’s multi-tier Saas solution. With data at the heart of the operation, Bond allows for a ‘Panoramic View’ of ecomm operations, which means instead of orchestrating a patchwork of solutions, the business sees a panoramic view on everything that is related to your hyper-local fulfillment and distribution.

But don’t take it from me. My interview with CEO Asaf Hachnom provides clarity on the Bond solution.

Tech Founder Interview Series

Jokr –  In The Real Deal on April 22, 2021, Founder German entrepreneur Ralf Wenzel announced the bold promise to deliver goods to consumers within 15 minutes.  According to TRD, …” it’s already live in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Lima, Peru; and Mexico City. It will soon launch in Bogata, Colombia, along with other cities in the U.S. and Europe.” The delivery is so responsive, Aspa Lekka, a co-founder and the startup’s COO, ensure that …[sic] “if you’re in the middle of baking a cake, for instance, and realize you’re out of butter, you can get that missing ingredient delivered while you keep on beating the eggs — and not miss a beat”

Fast AF (app store FastAF)- FastAF delivers to your doorstep in 2 hours or less, for free.

As a part of Dark Store, FastAF is a tech-driven fulfillment solution to enable e-commerce companies to offer same-day delivery. Using urban fulfillment centers FastAF partners with curated brands for nearly immediate delivery.

Bottom line: the definition of fast delivery keeps evolving and the customer’s expectations rise as the offers improve. Are you doing next day delivery when the other guy is delivering in 15 minutes? What do you think the end-result will be? Keep current and keep your customers.

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